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Athenree Brushed Brass Handles

How To Install Kitchen Cabinetry, Drawer & Furniture Handles

Athenree Brass Pull installed on kitchen cupboard

Installation Guide for Handles & Hardware

This is your comprehensive guide to placing, drilling and installing your kitchen cabinetry, drawers or furniture handles, pulls and knobs.

Get the placement of your handles, knobs and pulls right the first time with this easy step by step guide.

Step 1: Handle Purchase
First the fun part! You need to decide on your cabinetry or furniture handles - you might want a knob style handle (single screw) or a 'D' handle (2 screw points).

Once you have decided on your handles you need to figure out what your hole centre are. The hole centre is the distance between the 2 screw mounting points.

Step 2: Handle Mounting Positioning
If you have chosen 'D' handles (2 screw points) you will need to decide if you are wanting to mount your handles vertically or horizontally. Typical mounting direction for drawers is horizontal, but bigger cabinetry such as pantry doors or cupboards can be mounted both ways depending on what is most practical to use.

The below guide looks at some typical placements of different handle types.

Start by looking at the types of handles that you will be using for each type of drawer or cupboard opening. From there you can identify the best placement for each.

  • Knobs: For drawers these are typically centred horizontally on the drawer with the knob sitting slightly down from the top of the drawer or if you prefer centred vertically as well. For low cupboards the knob is typically in the top corner on the side the cupboard opens. For high cupboards the knob would sit at the bottom corner.

Drawer Knob Placement

  • Pulls and Handles: These typically sit centred to the drawer horizontally. For cupboards these can either sit at the top or bottom corners horizontally or vertically (depending on if they are low or high cupboards) if it is a larger pantry cupboard these can be mounted at a height that is easy to reach.
Bellus Pull Drawer Cupboard Installation
Pull handle affixed to front of a drawer

    Step 3: Marking and Mounting your Handles using our drilling guide
    Once you have decided on your handle direction, you need to mark out the screw holes. When marking our your screw holes you want to ensure that:

    • The holes are level if there are 2 screws
    • The placement of the holes are in the same place across the project. E.g. if you choose to mount them down 100mm from the top edge, you should ensure this is the same throughout for consistency.

    To help with mounting, our drilling guide is a useful tool for ensuring you always have the correct hole centres marked as well as ensuring your handles are level.

    Once your screw holes have been marked out, proceed to drill a pilot hole from the inside of the drawer. Once done you can look to attach all of your handles with your screws. One key thing to think about is the screw you are using to attach your handles. You need to ensure that the screw is long enough to go through the cabinet door or drawer you are using, plus give you a bit of room to affix to the internal handle thread.

    If you have any questions regarding mounting your C S Studios handles, don't hesitate to get in touch with us via our contact form on our website.

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