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Ridge Matte Black Pull Handle

C S Studios 2022 Top 10 List of Handles, Pulls and Knobs

Here you will find a list of C S Studios top 10 kitchen & cabinetry handles, pulls and knobs for 2022.

Find out what is trending now to ensure your next new build or renovation is fitted out with the latest hardware.

1. Speck Brass Knob

The Speck may be a small and understated handle but its minimalistic size creates its own unique statement through its appealing brass look and simplistic round shape. Its ability to add just a touch of class is what makes the Speck a staple in any home.

Speck Collection

Speck Brass Knob Insitu

2. Arc Knob

The Arc is more modern take on the simple knob making it ideal for where you wish to add a touch of design without overpowering the dedging.

The rounded shape boasts a subtle central fold to create an element of detailing that catches the light all while maintaining a minimalistic style that will compliment your furniture, kitchen or cabinetry.

Arc Group

3. Half Moon Pull Gold

New and improved design, cleaner lines giving it a more refined finish. Defined by its shape, the brushed gold Half moon pull handle is distinguished by its smooth semi circle shape pulled over a 90 degree bend.

Half Moon Brushed Gold

Demo_to_reno_ Photography by: EmilyRaffills @pointandshootltd

4. Half Moon Pull Matte Black

Defined by its shape, the matte black Half moon pull handle is distinguished by its smooth semi circle shape pulled over a 90 degree bend.

Its ability to work seamlessly either individually or as a pair adds to its appeal as your go to handle.

Half Moon Pull Matte Black
5. Solitude Brass Handle

Crafted from solid brass, the Solitude handle range is the perfect choice. Available in a range of sizes to suit all your needs.

Solitude Handle Brass

Solitude Brass Handle

6. Cenote Pull Handle Matte Black

Defined by its simple yet sleek design, the Cenote is in a class of its own. With the ability to blend seamlessly into your kitchen cabinets from one angle while making a statement from another.

It’s the subtle design characteristics of the single finger hole matched with the clean lines and overall slimline look of the handle is what makes the Cenote a standout.

Cenote Pull Handle range

Cenote Pull Handle

7. Forge Brass Handle

The Forge Hammered Handle range are forged from solid brass and skilfully hand hammered to give them a beautiful textured look. The Forge handles are the perfect choice for your kitchen & bathroom cabinetry, furniture drawers and more. Available in a range of lengths to suit your needs.

Forge Brass Handles

Forge Brass Handles

8. Ridge Pull Handle Brushed Gold

The Ridge Pull handle is similar to oour Bellus Pull, however pulls back from the detailing to achieve a more simplistic look that ensures a timeless finish on your cabinetry.

Its soft arch through the front curve of the handle matched with the look of solid brass will easily compliment any colour palette chosen.


Ridge Handle range

9. Half moon Oak Pull Handle

The Half Moon Oak Pull is the second handle to be released as part of our 'Woodland' range. Mindfully crafted from striking American oak timber and distinguished by its smooth semi circle shape. 

Designed & crafted by C S Studios right here in New Zealand, the Half Moon will bring warmth and texture to your home.

Oak Half Moon

10. Athenree Brushed Brass Handle

The Athenree handle is a stunning addition to our range of brushed, solid brass handles. A sleek design with simple curves and straight lines will be nothing short of stunning in any setting.

Constructed from solid brass the Athenree range is the perfect choice for adding a touch of elegance to your cabinets or furniture.

Athenree Handle

Athenree Handles Insitu

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